About Gatesman Media

Programmatic buying, DSP, Big Data, Addressable TV– the jargon alone is enough to drive a marketing professional mad.

Media planning and buying is more complicated than ever before, and it gets harder every day. Regardless, the end goal hasn’t changed – getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time while maximizing ROI. Gatesman Media works with leading global, national, and regional brands to successfully navigate the modern media landscape even as it evolves on a nearly daily basis. Our team comprises talented individuals with a broad range of industry knowledge, strategic and analytical skills, and the negotiating prowess to ensure our clients get the best rates, premium placement, and meaningful added-value with each and every buy.

Five Things You Should Know

  • 1.
    Category Knowledge

    It’s not enough for us to just know our business. We make it our business to know yours too. We know we cannot truly understand your customers and determine how to connect with them unless we understand all of the nuances and intricacies of your brand and the category in which you are competing.

  • 2.
    Media Agnostic

    We don’t have a preference for any given media channel. In fact, we have planned and executed media strategies encompassing everything from church bulletins to Super Bowl spots. More importantly, we don’t give preferential treatment to any of our vendors regardless of what they offer us in return. You can be sure when we make a recommendation, it because that’s what’s right for your brand.

  • 3.
    Best-In-Class Vendors

    The emerging media landscape is complicated and changing rapidly and the marketplace is flooded with possible solutions, each claiming to be the perfect fit. Our team works with only the smartest solutions available. To determine who and what that is, we’ve developed a comprehensive vetting process to assess vendors, identify each partner’s strengths, then align with the best and most innovative solutions to achieve our client’s goals and objectives.

  • 4.
    Full Transparency

    We believe we owe it to you to be a good steward of your media budget, and full transparency is the only way we know to prove it to you day in and day out. We believe that you should know exactly what you’re paying for and that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

  • 5.
    Results Matter

    We understand that our success is dependent upon your success, and our goal is to partner as a valued, respected and proactive extension of your team. We will do whatever it takes to out-think, out-work and out-hustle your competition. We'll take your business personally, and we'll get results because we're fiercely competitive.