Without data, you’re just a person with an opinion. Without an opinion, you’re just a person with data.

Today’s connected age makes us data-rich. That data holds the potential to transform brands and businesses, but it can be paralyzing if you don’t have the brainpower to mine it for insights, and the intelligence to apply them. At Gatesman, our team of analysts, planners and strategists uncover ever-changing opportunities and challenges by elevating data into wisdom. This leads to new ways for you to meet your all-powerful consumer on their terms.

What do we have? What do we need?

Our analysts identify and acquire relevant data sources using the latest data quality, integration, and transformation tools. This data is ingested, blended and augmented as needed with third party data.

Can I trust the data? How is it related?

Data is cleansed, sorted and segmented to ensure quality. It is then classified into segments and categories using demographic, psychographic or firmographic data.

What happened? How many? How often?

Business intelligence methods are used to measure historical and transactional data. At this stage, we apply trend analysis, exploration and data visualization to give you a full picture of the key performance indicators needed to understand where you stand today relative to your objectives.

Why is this happening? What if these trends continue? What will happen next?

Using advanced analytics such as machine learning, pattern recognition and natural language processing, we can identify related variables to help predict behaviors from unstructured data. These analytics, combined with qualitative analysis, reveal new insights that could mean new opportunities or challenges for our clients.

What should we do? What can we expect to achieve? How do we get there?

Making insights actionable. The power of insights is knowing what to do with them. Through clear perspective on the category, market and your brand and business we identify what can and should be done to realize your objectives and define key success metrics.